Altal team at a glance

How it all begins…

Hello! We are The Altal Company (  Business ID: 2608317-4 ): Smart Home Solutions providers. Software Developers from Finland, we are busy doing Smart Solutions and improving people’s lives. We desire to help!

We are happy that there are many great Project Management tools already created. So we decided to add some value and make one more also great and significant!
Initially we were making it for own use – for our Project Management, but later on we came up with the idea to share our system, probably you will find it useful and it will help you with your work like it helped us!

– Daria Dmitrieva, Project Manager

Spent while working till now...

Cookies and cakes
Cups of coffee
Sticky notes
Jokes and Smiles

Who we are

Teuvo Väänänen

Electrical Engineer

Family, freedom, reliability

 Experienced in Medical Devices, Security Systems.

 Loves to talk about devices and production stuff.

– Better to promise less but give more!

Daria Dmitrieva

Project Manager

Freedom, family, self-development

 Experienced in Multinational IT Project management, Logistics.

 Loves to talk about team management and communication stuff.

– The biggest happiness to be yourself!

Sergey Sedelnikov

Senior Software Engineer

Honesty, courage, love, friendship

 Experienced in Cloud Computing, Big Data Systems development.

 Loves to talk about technology and IT stuff.

– Better to spend more time and do it good once!

Visbord Little Robot

Email Writer

Emails, emails, emails

 Experienced in Writing emails of a good quality.

 Loves to talk about words and letters.

– Emails emails emails! I love emails!

Ask in case you got questions!

More in details

Our Mission

Altal is a sparkling company which provides life changing solutions. We are aiming to help and make people happier with our products. We are in cooperation with our suppliers whose values are high quality and customer satisfaction. We do what we are interested in hence our job is always good. It is all about our own dreams and we want to share them with our customers… we are always thinking what can make our customers’ life more comfort, easier, better!

We started with

Our company works on Smart Solutions and we are involved into Internet of Things industry. We have many projects to manage and organize. One of our main tools used to be a lovely Board with stickers. It is simple, it works for us and of course we love it!

One day we made a decision to make that tool interactive and get Online Board with stickers. So we can have it in our computers and phones… also at the screen in the office… why not? Our lovely board with stickers will be always with us! We decided – we made! Pretty, simple, stable, collaborative project management tool.

Visbord is one of the most important tools we use in our work. However we also happy to introduce few other tools/platforms created by our friends or people we don’t know but admire:


Keeping things together

Visual Studio


Office 365



Ideas validation

Join Us

We use Visbord in all our projects

  •  Visbord, Project management solution. Visbord Development.
  •  Altal Home Solution projects
  •  Few other personal projects

We are and always will be aiming on having our tool simple, intuitive, collaborative.

Join us!

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As we mentioned before our company is working in IoT creating Smart Solution for Home. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our Dream.

The Altal Team wishes you a great success in your work and life!

– With Love, Altalians

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If you have feedback, do not hesitate to share it with us!