Take a look how you can improve the quality of your daily project managing

Our simple and gorgeous tool is made for project management. Lean and reliable platform. It is a snapshot of the whole project. It gives straight transparent vision of interconnections between team members and tasks assigned. It is simple with great value!

– Sergey Sedelnikov, Senior Software Engineer

Improve your team collaboration today!
Take a took

Work with teams

Create a team and invite your colleagues. Give them an instant access to the project.

Remember, all team members are equal in rights, they are full members of a great team.

Our experience proved – better to forget about rights limitation!

See all the necessary information on a dashboard

A dashboard shows all teams you are working with and all projects you are involved in.

Organise your boards in folders

Create a folder structure you like to keep your projects in right place.

Drag and drop any folder or project into any other folder.

Put stickers on the project board

The board is the main place where your project is organized.

Add tasks related to work items or report about problems.

See what work should be done and add stickers so everyone in the team knows you are busy.

Stop stick them to your monitor or desktop, use online board!

See who is doing what

Drag and drop your personal pin to one or more tasks, now you are responsible for it.

Assign your colleague to the tasks.

Be aware of the project progress!

Personalize your profile

Set up your profile so your colleagues will know which pin is yours.

Select a picture that identifies you! It may be a real photo or a funny cartoon character you like the most.

Be unique!

Comment on tasks and work items, check other’s updates

Have something to update or ask about a task or a problem? Or you got general work issue which needs to be clarified.

Comment on your own task or leave a note on any other sticker or work item.

Read the response and take actions accordingly!

Go through the comments archive reading the whole work updates log.

More features are coming soon

Check out the Pricing page to highlight some of them!

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